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Our Mission​

This global community is committed to conserving the Holy lands of Najaf and Karbala, from the great plastic threat. We are working unitedly with the Holy Shrines, local authorities, tourism agencies, and pilgrims to play our respective role in keeping the lands of our Imams (A), free from one-time-use plastic.

Our Success Stories


What Can You Do?

Carry a Reusable Bottle

We use up 10 plastic cups daily, during our pilgrimage, which adds up to 100 one-time-use cups in 10 days of stay.
Pledge to carry your reusable bottle or thermos, and a mug to replace the unnecessary use of plastic during the pilgrimage.

Raise Awareness

If you are a public speaker or a religious scholar, talk about the importance of being a responsible, eco-friendly pilgrim to your audience. On the other hand, if you manage social media communities, raise awareness using our resources.

Say no to Plastic Cutlery

Plastic spoons that we use during our travels to holy lands will continue to be a cause of suffering for wildlife and communities equally for more than 400 years.
By carrying your metal or wooden cutlery, you can reverse the effect.

Be a ‘Green’ Group Leader

As a group leader, you have the power to replace plastic. You can offer a set of reusable cutlery, bottles, and mugs to your group members, make drinkable water available during travel and make it easy for the pilgrims to source and use the plastic alternates.

Use A Cloth Bag​

Each year more than 1 million marine life loses their life because of plastic. Being the pilgrims of Imam Hussain (a), we must commit that we will not be a reason for any such loss and carry our cloth bags to discourage the use of plastic bags.

Host an Eco-Friendly Moakab

Let us strive to find solutions for plastic alternatives during Arbaean. It is a big challenge, but together we can find sustainable solutions. Some moakab are already following eco-friendly ways. Share your ideas, challenges, or suggestions.

"There is no joy in life unless three things are available, clean, fresh air, abundant pure water, and fertile land.”


Our Vision

As pilgrims of Imam Hussain (a), we must start our journey towards the holy lands with a profound sense of service. We must trace our footsteps and be conscious about our impact on the land of our Imam (a) that showers its blessings upon us. At this time, its crucial to know our ecological footprint.

The local communities, farms, cultural and historic sites, and the ancient rivers are all getting badly affected by the plastic waste that we leave behind. The plastic used in the year 2000 will continue to pollute the sacred land beyond the year 2400.

We pledge to play our part, by practicing eco-friendly pilgrimage, making authentic information available, providing solutions, bringing stakeholders on board, and by finding ways to work together, until we see the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala plastic-free, InshaAllah.


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