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About the Founder

Zahra Ali Syed is a Karachi based sustainability educator, writer, and environmentalist. She is also the founder of Crops in Pots, Learning Garden and former co founder of Organic City.  She has educated over 10, 000 youth on environmental sustainability through her Learning Garden program. She has also designed horticulture therapy courses for mental health rehab center, The Recovery House, and designed a nature therapy facility for the School for Autism by DUHS. Zahra has over 12 years of experience as an environmentalist and has partnered with over 25 local and international organizations. She has been teaching at universities, and schools for over a decade as a sustainability educator and has been a columnist for DAW?N, Express Tribune, Newsline, Subh Nau and The Friday Times. She can be reached at zahra@thegreenpilgrim.org


Creative Team


Jauher Abbas
Syeda Sana Batool
Sabika Adnan
Nasir Abbas
Syed Safeer

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Syeda Zehra
Zaynab Marchant
Zahra Ali

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Zaynab Marchant
Shane Hussain Naqvi
Zeeshan Syed
Masood Bukhari

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Khumar Raza
Daniyal Raza 
Shayan Mutahir

The global Volunteer Community


Fatimah Agha
Syeda Sana Batool
Shuja Rizvi
Subeika Rizvi

Hunain Zaidi


Syed Toseef Hussain, Najaf



Faiza Abbas
Syeda Zainab Bukhari
Sheikh Ali Hilli


Syeda Fizzah Hassan Rizvi


Faraz Abidi


Sara Zaidi
Zeeshan  Syed