Policy Update October 2020

Here is a quick update about our existing team and recent changes.
Our Core Team consists of 5 members. Three of these are highly respected scholars and our advisors from Najaf al-Ashraf, Qom, and the UK, while the 2 TGP team members are from Pakistan. This core team is responsible for reaching out to the authorities and stakeholders to make a policy change and create ease for pilgrims who want to practice eco-friendly pilgrimage but do not find the right resources. For this purpose, we work closely with the Holy Shrines and its partnered organizations.
Our Creative Team consists of 14 volunteers who are web designers, graphic designers, translators, and content writers from different parts of the world. This team works on our core goal of designing strategies and resources that are approved by The Holy Shrine of Ameer al Momineen (a) and shared publicly or with the partner organizations.
In July 2020, we also launched the Ambassadors program that was put on hold in September and discontinued yesterday. During these few weeks, 14 ambassadors from 9 countries were hand-picked to reach out to their communities with specific goals. Recent policy changes and challenges that we faced through the AP has put this program on hold.
These dedicated community leaders continue to be volunteers and ambassadors of the core mission in their capacity like they have been even before The Green Pilgrim. Their contributions during this brief period will continue to generate a ripple effect, InshaAllah.
We believe that every single community member and organization needs to be a volunteer or an ambassador of this grand mission of serving Imam (a) and to use their skills and resources in the cause. TGP will always support and promote the sincere efforts of everyone equally, and will continue to provide resources that can be used to raise awareness, and make partnerships that can help create a difference on ground and not just on social media.
We are in need of your prayers as we humbly declare it once again in front of Imam (atf), that we are just a group of volunteers trying to do what best we can do with our limited resources, but truly every community member has an equal role to play and we encourage them to generate an impact in their unique way, and join this global team of volunteers.