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Carry your reusable water bottles and cutlery 

  • 1 reusable bottle can save 100 plastic cups that will decompose in 400 years.

Carry a cloth bag

  • Plastic bags are responsible for taking 100,000 lives each year

Go Green 

  • Travel light and make sure you are not carrying single use plastic in any form.

Talk to People

  • If you are a public speaker, community leader, writer or a photographer, please reach out to your audience, talk about it.

Green Pilgrimage

  • As a tour operator, include reusable bottles and cutlery in the kits that you provide your group. Use our free resources to share in your whats app groups and orientations. 

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Moakab Hosts

  • Replace single use plastic cups and containers with reusable one. Pack your food parcels in paper. Install easy to fill water dispensers as true service to Imam (a)

Imambargah and Community Centers

  • Educate your community. You can reach out to our ambassadors in your city or use our free resources to conduct a session, circulate information in your networks or even encourage green businesses in your area.

Green Businesses and entrepreneurs

  • Innovate and use green materials to resolve the issue of food packaging. Provide alternates! We would love to hear your ideas and promote your business if you are committed to serve Imam (a).